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Some thoughts on Raspberry Pi

The Good: In terms of OS the RaspberryPi has quite a few options, there are number of OS available to play with. Personally I tried RetroPi and Raspbmc, in saying that there is nothing stopping you to keep more than one OS just get more SD cards and switch as you require. Running watt of RaspberryPi is about 7watt […]

Free LimeSurvey Template (KT Survey)

Hi All, I had to create a survey for Knowledge Transfer Feedback Survey in LimeSurvey. Thought someone may find it useful, to view the template click here. Download the file here. Note: You must import this file in LimeSurvey CMS.

URL Shortner:, a revolution

It has been while I have posted something I use personally and enjoy. Recently on an unrelated matter I was posed with a question from my wife, “I am offering something free to my followers and I would like to track the downloads”. Now surely I could have gone ahead to upload the file to a FHP […]